REMONDIS’ business locations around the world

Being one of the world’s leading recycling, service and water companies, REMONDIS has around 1,000 business locations across the globe. These can be found in over 30 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

REMONDIS’ business locations

REMONDIS’ business locations in Germany

REMONDIS’ business activities in Germany are managed and carried out by its six regional companies. REMONDIS also has a whole variety of specialist companies, many of which are based here in Germany as well.

REMONDIS’ locations in Germany

Can’t see the wood for the trees? Not a problem here

Wood is a renewable raw material and is frequently used by the furniture industry, in packaging and by the construction sector. To grow efficiency levels, businesses already think about recycling and cascade use when they process their wood.

Old wood as a source of carbon-neutral energy

Sawdust and wood shavings are an important raw material for companies making wood-based products as well as for the paper industry. It is also used to produce electricity and heat. The latter – i.e. using old wood to generate energy – is particularly popular in Germany. Every year, biomass-fired power stations transform 6.6 million tonnes of old wood into heat and electricity. This form of energy is climate neutral as the only carbon dioxide emitted by this process is the CO2 absorbed by the trees when they were alive.

The term ‘sustainability’ originates from the world of forestry and describes a principle that the number of trees felled should not exceed the number of trees able to be replenished

Recycling for reuse is still the most sustainable solution

The chipboard industry is the biggest customer for recycled wood when it comes to reusing the material. Today (as of 2018), 25.7% of old wood is already being reused in Germany (as wood chips) to produce chipboard. All in all, the volume of old wood that is recycled for reuse has increased slightly over the last few years but is just a fraction of that used to generate energy. There is definitely room for improvement here. Reusing old wood has the greatest potential to protect the climate because of its carbon store effect and substitution effect.

15.8 million cubic metres of old wood are generated in Germany every year. The same volume as six Great Pyramids of Giza.

Wood recycling: a few facts & figures

Amount of old wood generated p.a. (2016)

Sources of wood for recycling