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REMONDIS’ business locations around the world

Being one of the world’s leading recycling, service and water companies, REMONDIS has around 1,000 business locations across the globe. These can be found in over 30 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

REMONDIS’ business locations

REMONDIS’ business locations in Germany

REMONDIS’ business activities in Germany are managed and carried out by its six regional companies. REMONDIS also has a whole variety of specialist companies, many of which are based here in Germany as well.

REMONDIS’ locations in Germany

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This page lists a variety of websites that also take either a broad or detailed look at the subject of recycled raw materials. Perfect for you if you wish to carry out your own research work and go into certain aspects in more detail. But don’t be surprised: you may not find the term ‘recycled raw materials’ on all the websites as it is an expression from the world of REMONDIS that was deliberately chosen as an alternative to the rather negative term ‘secondary raw materials’. Have fun reading up on the subject.

Available as a download for you: CUTEC’s study on raw material shortages

General recycling websites
The website run by the BDSV [Federal Association of German Steel Recycling and Waste Management Companies]
The website run by the ifeu [Institute for Energy and Environmental Research] in Heidelberg
An initiative set up by the 18 leading companies from the non-ferrous metal industry
A website focusing on the different ways to process plastics and recycled plastics
A specialist website focusing on waste, waste management, recycling, the circular economy and markets
A website containing information about Europe’s largest industrial recycling centre
A website looking at the subject of sustainability inside the global REMONDIS Group
Reports about companies and activities that have to do with the environment
A website focusing on recyclable materials and recycling
A section of the DIE ZEIT (a weekly magazine) website focusing on recycling

REMONDIS Group company websites
A website focusing on the licensing of packaging and on offering advice on recycled raw materials and ecodesign
A website run by a company specialising in the recycling of paper, card and cardboard
A website run by a company specialising in the recycling of plastics
A website run by a company specialising in the recycling of textiles
A website run by a company specialising in the recycling of e-waste
A website run by a company that, as part of the REMONDIS Group, offers all the services and expertise required for recycling glass and plastics – in particular packaging
A website run by a company specialising in the recycling and marketing of organic raw materials
A website run by TSR, a REMONDIS company that specialises in all aspects of metal recycling